Saving the Alamo or something like that

Been down yonder in Texas the last four days, Ft. Worth to be specific. I kept wanting to go to the Alamo and my hosts kept telling me it was in San Antonio. I couldn’t figure that out…

But I did get to play cowboy!

We went down to the old Ft. Worth and strolled the streets of Laredo (my hosts told me that Laredo is another town… when did that happen?). Cowboys, saloon girs, cows with really long horns (I couldn’t remember what they were called for the life of me…)

I’ll bet you didn’t know that it got really hot in Texas! Dang! We didn’t break 100, but we sure did rub noses with it every day we were there. And humid… I kid you not, I did the backstroke most of the day on Friday and the sidestroke all day Saturday.

I even got to try on a 10-gallon hat; unfortunately my head was too big and I had to settle for the 1-gallon size. Now my little cowpoke put on one of them thar girliey hats and she was one nice looking heifer! Think I’ll put my brand on that one!

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum, the Wax Museum, the JFK museum… I made the cultural rounds. We did get shushed in the JFK cinema for talking too loud. I thought, “Rude Texans,” until I overheard the shusher mentioning she was from Boston (dang yankee!). While visiting Ed Young’s Fellowship Church I was asked what part of Dallas I lived in and had the pleasure to respond I was from North Carolina and got a big Texas “Howdy!”

So how’d your weekend go, partner?


2 responses to “Saving the Alamo or something like that

  1. Howdy Pard! That’s a mighty fine lookin’ lid you’ve got on thar in that pitcher. Kinda looks lak sumpin a little dogie left under a collard leaf. Ha ha! Welcome back ya city slickers! Glad you had a good time.

  2. HAHAHA… you guys crack me up! I went to Texas once and it’s definitely hot and muggy there! Sounds as though you had loads of fun!

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