Where’s my phone?

I’m a dummy.

[You did not have to agree with that, you know]

I lose my cell phone all the time. Since I’ve broken my plastic holster (and can’t get another one because my phone is no longer being manufactured) I’m continually “misplacing” it. When I can’t find it, I frantically start throwing things around trying to find it.

The one thing I always do when I can’t find it is grab a phone and call mine. Then I can begin to hone in on the sound of the ring or the “brrrrr, brrrr, brrrr” of the vibration. I have been in situations where there was not a phone available.

My dad let me know about a website that you can go to and call your phone. Then you can chase it down. Funny thing was that the day after he’s sent it to me I had to use it to find my AWOL phone — and it worked like a charm.


One response to “Where’s my phone?

  1. Coooool… Thanks… Good to know! Are you sure it’s safe?

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