Have a “blast!”

Ok weekenders, this one is challenging!

Not for the faint of heart, but oh, so much fun that it is addictive.

This is the NLOS Cannon Challenge. NLOS stands for Non-Line-of-Sight. Artillery fire has been taking out targets over the horizon for well over a century, but the new Non-Line-of-Sight mobile artillery system can rain down lethal force with pinpoint accuracy up to a range of thirty miles. This little game lets you operate your very own NLOS cannon (the person thinking up the name of this game didn’t put in any overtime, did he?)

It does come with instructions. If, however, you’re not the instuctions type, it’s quite simple. Adjust your elevation and velocity by clicking the +/- buttons, then hit FIRE! and adjust accordingly.

Have a “blast!”


One response to “Have a “blast!”

  1. Must say something about my personality, but this one is my fave so far. Guess I just love blowing stuff up!

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