Remember little Rachel?

She was the girl who’d been given up for dead in Ubaúna several months ago and was brought back to life through your prayers. Seriously. You are responsible for her miraculous recovery — you surprised the bejeebers out of the physicians at the hospital in Sobral where she was in the ICU unit and not expected to make it through the night.

She doesn’t look very sick here, does she?!

She is alive and well — thought you’d like to know that and see how precocious she is today…


2 responses to “Rachel

  1. Thanks alot for making me cry so early in the day, Joe! LOL Seriously, I am thankful for you, for your willingness to simply say YES to God’s leading, and for your tremendous priceless friendship. I will renew my prayer for Rachel today.

  2. patrickandchristy

    Can’t wait to see God’s little miracle in July. What awesome power we have available to us as disciples of Christ. We just have to have the faith and courage to ask for it, and use it. Thanks for the update Joe.

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