The parrot speaks

I’m being a little parrot. 

I’m repeating what Perry said, who was repeating what Rick said. Rick was speaking about spiritual growth only occuring within community:

  • A huge myth is that you can become spiritually mature on your own. We can only grow in community. Americans have gotten so into isolation that we don’t believe this.
  • If you are not in community then there are at least 58 commands in the Bible that you can’t do.
  • You learn to love by being around unlovely people.
  • Knowledge makes us feel important…but love IS what is important.
  • Most churches are full of people who talk and relate to others in childish ways.
  • Maturity is relational – not intellectual. Jesus said that to love God and love others are the two MOST IMPORTANT commands.
  • A person can attend church all of their life and never mature…they are cranky, rude, irritable…how can some people attend all of their life and not love people?
  • Discipleship is about turning the audience into an army!
  • How do you know when a church/person is mature?  Simple – when something is mature it bears fruit!

The parrot has spoken…


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