Just read this in Perry Noble’s blog about a highlight in the pastors’ conference going on at Saddleback Church out in California:

Most church networks around the world don’t communicate or cooperate with each other. (My thought – what COULD happen if the churches across the world could actually unite?)

Oh my heavens! What if that actually occurred!?



5 responses to “Yessiree!

  1. Maybe the Great Suggestion would become the Great Commission again…

  2. patrickandchristy

    DUH, right? Not exactly new information. Christians suck at working together because they are prideful and too concerned with being Baptist or Methodist or Church of God or whatever.

  3. Somebody would get ticked off and drop out because they were never told “THAT” church up the street was in this network! LOL

  4. UNPPPP United Network of Pious Pickled Puffed-up Pharisees.

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