Use it or lose it?

Years ago I was fluent in a literary sense in Greek and Hebrew — I could read them, not speak them. Today, I can’t use them. Thirty years of non-use has erased them from my databank.

I decided recently that I want to “relearn” Greek. I thought it would be easy since I was once quite adept at it. I was wrong. Though it may, and I say that with signicant doubt, be easier than having never known it, it is not coming back to me like riding a bike. In fact, it is rather frustrating; I once knew this stuff like the back of my hand.

Makes me wonder if God sometimes feels that way about us…


4 responses to “Use it or lose it?

  1. Wow! I admire your initiative to even try! I decided in “Baby Greek” that my best option would be to get through it and then rely on my dictionary. Go get ’em Joe!

  2. Kinda curious, why not re-learn the hebrew?

  3. The Greek serves a more immediate need.

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