What a day!

I was slammed from beginning to end. So busy I didn’t even get to get a drink of water or visit the little boy’s room. The last person just walked out the door and I’m just sitting here in a bit of a daze.

I’ve had people ask me everything from how to lose weight to how to improve their sex lives. In between I had to deal with brain tumors, gout, Crohn’s Disease and depression, to name a few. I’m always amazed at what people have going on and more than a bit overwhelmed that they ask me how to fix it.

The kid who just left was almost left for dead only six weeks ago. The doctors’ were at wits end. I was their last hope (I hate it when I’m told this!). Both mom and dad came in with their “little girl” and gave me that forlorn look of desperate hope.

Now, six weeks later, their “little girl” looks much better. I did nothing. I never do. I just point them in the direction, tell them they can do it, do a little cheer for them and send them on their way.

Sometimes it works out great; sometimes it doesn’t work at all. Just like life.

What a day…


3 responses to “Slammer

  1. I think you need some well earned rest. While you’re doin’ that tonight Barb and I are double dating with the Rassins. Goin to check out “Iron Man.” Now here’s the point…..Iron Man is a comic book/movie character. You ain’t him!!! Take care of yourself!

  2. Yea i know, I came in today but u were way busy!, I miss my mentor 😦 lol

  3. patrickandchristy

    Need to rest up for Brazil. You know how crazy you run around there. Man, you “wear me out” watching you. Take care of yourself. Can’t wait to see you guys soon.

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