Risk sucks… but tastes so good!

Continuing the thought on risk and faith from yesterday, from the chair I’m sitting in, I see risk as one of the main catalysts to a supernatural lifestyle.

You get into the Kingdom through the vehicle of faith. You live in it through faith. Faith is what extends its borders. And all of that is manifested through risks.

No risk = no faith, no Kingdom, no power.

Risk opens the door to the great adventure in God. No risk equals no off-road treks into the true beauty of the world of faith that lies out of sight of the road everyone commonly travels. The supernatural nature of the Kingdom is in the wilderness that can only be reached via four-wheel drive. A Mercedes or Cadillac can’t get you there. If comfort, safety and dignity are your gods of Christianity, you’ll never experience the thrill of a trip into the supernatural wonders of the Kingdom.

Fear of the unknown and unexperienced — fear of failure — is a guarantee to wreck any thoughts of off-road exploration of the faith that Jesus said could move mountains.

Fear will keep you from moving with the Spirit. It will pretend to be wisdom, dignity or even love. But it is actually a scared believer who doesn’t want to look bad.

Ever wonder why Jesus called the Spirit the “Comforter?” If you’re truely going to follow Him, Jesus, into the realms fo true faith, you’re going to need one…


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