Simmering… in a good way

Why is it when someone says they are “simmering” we also assume that is bad?

I have actually cooked a few times in my life, not many, but a few. I distinctly remember the recipes calling for allowing the concoction to “simmer” in order to bring out the flavor. That is good, right?

Today, I’ve had relationships with several folks simmering, in a flavorful way…

  • Three friends sharing how their lives have been changed by our weekly get together over Jesus and coffee
  • A motocycle knucklehead friend stops by to help out my wife’s attempts to find cheap leather coats for her nephews in Brasil and we end up “plotting” how to better serve another friend in the throes of a divorce
  • A friend whose life has been devastated by bad relationships popping in requesting a “Joe-prayer” for peace and calm
  • Another bud calling up to discuss how we can assist a gal “down on her luck”

 Smells delicious…


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