I don’t understand…

A question came to mind while at the airport earlier…Why is it that the TSA screeners have to have looks on their faces as though they would like to hurt you?

I want them to  be efficient and effective. I don’t want terrorists getting on the airplane with me. However, I do think you can do that without a look on your face that says “I want to break your face!!!”

Some things are obvious. A little ol’ lady isn’t your typical Muslim radical seeking to blow up the airplane. Even your typical looking Muslim radical probably isn’t one either… think about it. If you want to pass for normal and not call attention to yourself, wouldn’t you go out of your way NOT to look like your typical radically-acting Muslim?

While I could possibly make a case for the latter being more carefully scrutinized, the former makes no sense. Yet that is exactly what I saw: grey-haired, cane-carrying granny spread-eagled and being patted down by two, not one, screeners.

For some reason that did not make me feel safer…


5 responses to “I don’t understand…

  1. if it makes you feel any better..security is an illusion anyway

  2. Whew! I feel better now.

    Or at least, I think so…

  3. Steve and I went to see Garrison Keillor in Greenville (A Prarie Home Companion) a few weeks ago. He brought up the same things you are talking about. He also joked about how the “shoe bomber’s” attempt, has forced us all into the situation of undergoing the security ritual of taking our shoes off at the airport, and how mom was right about how one bad apple can spoil it for everyone. He prays there will never be an “underwear bomber”.

  4. Mary,

    My mama told me to always travel in clean underwear because, well, you just never know. Up to this point in my life no one has ever ordered me to “drop my drawers,” but it appears it may come to that soon at the airport.

    Ohhh… that’s not a pretty mental picture…

  5. WOW! Garrison Keillor! Oh I want to go see him! Oops! Sorry Joe I didn’t mean to use your blogsite as a message center……..Ha ha ha I liked what you said too. BLUSH

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