Happy National Sea Monkey Day!

This is sick!

It’s also early.

It actually takes place on May 16th. However, it is so important that I didn’t want to take the chance that it might sneak up on me and I neglect to wish you the best on such a momentous day.

National Sea Monkey Day? How did I miss that one? I rechecked my calendar and did not find it amongst the special days. I think I got ripped off when I bought my calendar.

Think I’m kidding? Check out the Sea Monkey radio show!

Want the “official” scoop? Here’s the official website of the Amazing-Live-Sea-Monkeys.

Though it may not appear to be so, I’m actually quite busy today, believe it or not…


4 responses to “Happy National Sea Monkey Day!

  1. ecopreservationsociety

    We are working hard to save endangered monkeys in Costa Rica.

    Please help us spread the word. Every link helps!!!


  2. Too funny! I had Sea Monkeys when I was like 10 and have wanted them again so badly to see if I can get them to live and do tricks, but I could never find them. I didn’t even think about ordering them online. Okay, you may think I’m really wierd now, but I looked all over that website and don’t see a place to buy them. I see where I can buy the food and other accessories, but cannot figure out how or where I can buy the sea monkeys and tank. Any ideas? THANKS!

  3. I am working hard to save the endangered brine shrimp in the U.S. and in Jamaica.

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