Dead men do bleed…

Just for the record, I hate politics.

Obama, Hillary, McCain… same thing, different paint. End result is that you have to hold your nose as you pull the lever.

But the politics that really gets my goat is that we which find in the church world.

I just had to deal with a “situation” in which one pastor accused another pastor of wrong doing in order to cover up his wrong doing. First pastor was innocent, second pastor was guilty; first pastor got burned, second pastor got a raise. Go figure.

I’ve seen this play out endlessly over the years. Sad.

I read a story about a psychiatrist who had a patient who thought he was dead. Nothing the psychiatrist could do would convince the man he wasn’t dead. In desperation, the doctor gave the patient several medical books that discussed hematology, the human body and how the two work. The patient returns a week later and the psychiatrist asks him what he’d learned. The man replied: “Dead men don’t bleed.”

The physician promptly pulled out a lancet, pricked the man’s finger and a red ball of blood quickly sprang up. The physician asked: “Then what is that!” and pointed to the blood.

For a moment the patient stared at the blood in amazement, raised his head and looked directly at the doctor and stated incredulously: “Dead men DO bleed!”

An apt description of church politics at its best [worst].

Can anyone find my goat so I can have it back…

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