Gas vs. God

I saw a blog post the other day that was trying to make the case that the high gas prices were heralding the end of the world. The author went on to quote multiple passages of Scripture to prove his point.

What is it about Christians that they continue to insist on making the whole Jesus-thingy look so stupid?

Maybe the high gas prices are the result of a global conspiracy by the Arab oil-producing nations to get Barak Obama elected as president so he can outlaw Christianity and insert Islam as the official religion of the U.S. Or, perhaps it is the result of Homer Simpson’s accidentally cutting the gas lines behind his house while preparing the ground for planting a garden. Better, it’s the fault of the dinosaurs being killed by a giant meteor 89 billion years ago, which also helps explain the death of all life-forms on Mars.

Whatever the reason for gas prices cutting the cheese, it stinks. But, please, don’t blame it on some sort of hollywoodish scenario that involves God doing in the world.



2 responses to “Gas vs. God

  1. im going to go with the homer theory

  2. The bible says nothing at all about gas or oil prices. There is a plentiful supply. Prices are high because of greed, knowing people will pay the high price for gas. See my page where I wrote about this. God has plenty of oil for everyone.


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