Kmart flowers in a Macy’s environment

Have you ever noticed that plastic plants are everywhere in church sanctuaries and about the only time you see real plants is at weddings, funerals and on the communion table? And they’ll all die because they aren’t potted (though they are pretty, for a time).

Some of the plastic foliage is quite elaborate and can fool you. It looks so real that you are drawn to touch it and smell it to determine if it is real or fake. I’ve even come across some that have an artificial scent sprayed on them to further carry the illusion of “real” (but it always has a synthetic smell about it once you get close).

I even saw what turned out to be real flowers the other day in a church environment, but assumed they were fake because they were surrounded by a plethora of blatantly (and gaudily) artificial plants.

Isn’t it interesting that we want to put Kmart flowers in a Macy’s environment?


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