Bubble Wrap!!!

My dad passed THIS along to me (he knows how to keep me entertained for hours on end 🙂 ) and I’ve gone bonkers over it. In fact, I’ve wasted far more time than a sane person should playing with it.

I had to bookmark it and I go to it several times daily… yep! I’m addicted.

Make sure your volume isn’t muted, but don’t turn it up too loud if you’re at work (your boss WILL catch you!).

Careful with the “Manic” mode — you won’t be the same afterwards!

Once you see it, and you’ll recognize it instantly. Go ahead… you know you want to!


4 responses to “Bubble Wrap!!!

  1. You are twisted! I always knew that though!

  2. Yeah, the boss is gone and it sure felt great being in manic mode for a few! I’ve seen this before and was getting mad that I couldn’t make a bunch pop at one time like I used to, but quickly figured it out! Thanks Joe’s dad!!!

  3. patrickandchristy

    “Therapy is extremely expensive.
    Poppin’ bubble wrap is radically cheap.
    You choose which one helps with your problem.
    I’m gonna get some sleep.”

    Jimmy Buffett, “I Don’t Know, I Don’t Care.”

    Heard it this morning and thought of you Joe.

  4. patrickandchristy

    As a Christian, am I allowed to listen to Jimmy Buffett? LOL.

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