The problem of rubber dust

Ever wonder what happens to make your tires wear out? I mean, seriously.

Seems I have to purchase new tires on a regular basis; something makes them wear out. If the rubber meeting the road is the reason, how come there isn’t tons of little rubber dust all along the side of the road?

It is estimated that around 650,000 tons of rubber gets worn off tires in the U.S. annually. I realize that I’m just a small town boy, but 650,000 TONS is classified as “a lot” of rubber particles by my definition!

Where it all goes is both interesting and scary.

Wind blows it away, rain washes it away and special little bacteria in the environment eat it up (I’m not making this up!). The little rubber eating bacteria is the only good one of the three. The wind makes it airborne and the rain puts it into our water supply. The Environmental Protection Agency is actually concerned about it because it is leading to reduced lung capacity, bronchitis, asthma, accelerated heart disease and, unbelievably, death.

I wish I hadn’t gone looking!


3 responses to “The problem of rubber dust

  1. but it sounds to me like whut we need is sum more dem good bacturia-the kind that eats the rubber. maybe they wud eat other bad stuff too. like hunger and criminals.

  2. They couldn’t eat hunger because then they wouldn’t be hungry to eat the criminals. I’ve told you, Haino, quit trying to think! You always show your mental prowless when you do.

  3. oh, ok. i unnerstan now

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