Spam Alert!

I received an interesting email today.

“I believe in reincarnation, so why do I need Christianity” was the subject heading.

Being the astute theological crudgemunion that I am, I was intrigued. Alas, it turned out to be nothing but a spam mail selling something to make my “instrument” the envy of the neighborhood (where do they come up with this stuff? Do they hire copywriters to think it up: “Copywriter Wanted. Must be able to describe an erection in 100 creative ways.” And why would I want my neighborhood to know something like that anyways… Sorry, the mind often wanders early in the morning).

I have noticed that some junk mail is actually beginning to use a subject header that tells you what is in the email

  • Omega replica watch Same quality at lower price
  • Cigarettes.. Marlboro, Winston… Cheap!
  • 60% Off All Luxury Designer Shoes & Boots Men & Women Gucci Prada Chanel
  • Cute Brunette At Home Shows Big Boobs Hardcore (oops! how did that one make the list?)

This definitely makes it easier on my spam filter to catch them. If I were actually looking for something like this, it makes it easy to find it (why can’t I be spammed with things I’m actually interested in?)

Why can’t all spam be like this?



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