There are some sick folks out there…

I don’t reference “sick” as in a physical ailment, but as whacked, crazy as a loon, flipped out… sick.

I just checked, in order to clean out, my spam filter’s inbox. This is the filter that catches the material either it or I have set up as junk. Occasionally I’ll glance at it before arbitrarily deleting it, just in case I catch something that isn’t junk.

Often it includes material that aren’t simply unsolicited sales, offensive or pornographic in nature or chain letters. Most times there is sick material in it — I’m regularly hard pressed to figure out how they come up with some of the perversions. Understand that I’m not a prude and that I’ve been around the block a time or two; I’ve seen sick. But some of this stuff…

I’m sincerely glad that I have a spam filter; much gets through that I wish didn’t, but without it… sheesh!


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