Watching good people fall apart

Last night another friend calls and his wife is also walking out.

Same night, another phone call. A “staunch” member of a church got dizzy while at church, fell and split his head open. Taken to the hospital, the fear was he’d had a stroke and had fallen as a result of the stroke. Turns out he’s been a closet alcoholic and he’d been “hitting the jar” that morning. He enjoyed helping out a church events and so came, as usual, “several sheets into the wind.”

Yet one more! A final phone call from a young girl, late twenties; her physican had just called her and told her she has genital herpes type 2 — a STD. She’s devastated.

What’s going on here?

All are Christians; all have nothing to work with.

Might it be that we need to be busy, not just helping folks find the Way, but helping them know how to walk it?



4 responses to “Watching good people fall apart

  1. Show people the Way then help them walk it?? Preposterous! Heresy! Downright unbiblical!! Besides, that’s what small groups are for.

  2. i think the problem is in your title..
    these are not good people, nor are we “good people”
    the sooner that we come to that realization, the sooner that we can let go of our lives as we know it, only to watch Christ live in our place.
    life abundant indeed.

  3. patrickandchristy

    What do you propose ML? Isn’t that exactly what Christ did? He told people the Way, he walked in the Way and he helped others to walk in that Way. No?

    There is no problem with the title or content. By God’s standards, no, none of us deserve His Grace and Mercy and we all are born sinners but remember, our sins are forgiven and washed away when we accept Christ. Therefore, we become new creations that are worthy of being a child of the Risen Lord. We didn’t deserve it but Christ still welcomed us into his family, and He now lives within us. The key is to become so focused on Him that we begin to give more and more of ourselves to God so that He can be seen and glorified through us.

    I think you confuse “good” with “deserving.” God gives us all the capacity to do much good in this life and I have met many “good” people in my life but I still haven’t met anyone “deserving” of God’s Grace and Mercy.

  4. ML was clearly being sarcastic.
    How do we define “good” in the context of actions?

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