Mind tilt

Sometimes you just struggle to understand what you read.

I’ve been trying to wrap my little gray matter around this paragraph — it makes my head hurt. Not the first time it’s given me a head thumping. It keeps dragging me, kicking and screaming, back to it, much like the giant carnivorous plant in the movie “Little Shop of Horrors” with Rick Moranis.

I can almost hear it calling: “Feed me!”


One response to “Mind tilt

  1. how often i think of that movie!
    except in another way.
    the monster inside that wants to be fed and yet is never satisfied.
    who will save me from this body of death?
    i would have to think that faith is not something that we can conjure up but comes from God alone.
    He is a jealous God and is only satisfied with himself.
    It is as if he gives us the faith that we need to be justified and pleasing in his sight.
    like this huge circle!

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