The Vytorin Lie

I normally keep my profession out of my blog other than relating human events that are illustrative of life. But at times things occur that really “get my goat” and are so demonstrative of the great deception that modern medicine has become that I have to vomit out a reaction.

The companies that market the drug Vytorin—a “break-through drug” that was to radically reduce heart disease—through a joint venture, Merck and Shering-Plough, earlier this year released partial results from a clinical study showed that it was no more effective at limiting plaque buildup than Merck’s Zocor, a drug that is already available in generic form. Full results of that study were released Sunday.

The result: the popular cholesterol drug does nothing to keep plaque from clogging up arteries.


Congress and state officials in New York are investigating why results were not released for nearly two years after the study ended.

Hmmm… let me see if I can shed some light on that — Vytorin costs more than the generic, about $90 more. Vytorin averages about $100 a prescription. The generic is about $4. Vytorin made a lot of money for its two parent companies, nearly $5 billion in sales during this two year period.

“Science” and “research?” Nawh! Simple, though deadly, greed.

Maybe instead of the doctor telling you to say “aah,” they should be telling you to “bend over.”


4 responses to “The Vytorin Lie

  1. I hope you get your goat back!

  2. GGGRRRRRRRRRR! Doctors! They are becoming one of the banes of my existance! And don’t even get me started on the pharmaceutical pirates!!!

  3. I am sorry Joe how do you really feel!

  4. are you a doctor or a drug rep?

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