Is “free” supposed to cost nothing?

Coupon comes in the mail for a FREE set of pens from Staples. I go to get the FREE pens. I’m charged $3.99 + tax for the FREE pens.

“It’s a rebate item,” the nice lady at the register tells me.

I hold up said coupon that says, in BIG letters, “FREE.”

She says, “Oh! Well, it doesn’t mean free FREE but ‘free’ when you send in the rebate coupon.”

“How long before I get paid back,” I query.

“Eight to twelve weeks. And you really don’t get paid back, cause it’s ‘free’,” she cheerfully replies.

Why me?


5 responses to “Is “free” supposed to cost nothing?

  1. When are you going to learn that nothing is free even when they say it’s FREE….

  2. That would have been an appropriate time to give her a free eyeroll! (and maybe a coupon for some not so free FREE hair dye)

  3. yourjewishmama

    Speaking about free…this site is free and I have no idea how to use it. I am an educated person that has no idea what to do. A six year old would learn faster.How did you get in the column on the life page? Help, I am fading fast………..

  4. The “Life” page came about because of the tag that I used to classify this blog post. WordPress automatically picked it up and put it in the list. [For those of you who have no clue what I’m or she’s talking about, she found this post under the wordpress/life tag that you can click on in the “tag cloud” on the entry page of WordPress. She is wanting to know how to get listed there.]

  5. yourjewishmama

    Good explaination Joe. Thanks.

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