Java and good conversation

Had coffee with a friend of mine last night. Actually had coffee with his wife and parents as well.

You sometimes forget the value of slowing down and enjoying good conversation. And some of the most intriguing conversations come with folks in their eighties. They’ve experienced life, have seen where they’ve succeeded and where they’ve not done as well as they’d have liked, and can be so doggone transparent.

Though their bodies are older, in their mind’s eye they aren’t that old; when you engage them, that becomes obvious. They’re astute and can tell you things about yourself that only you yourself know and they do this by simply listening to you (a lost art). They usually don’t mind expressing what they’re actually thinking.

A simple little cup of coffee turned into a three hour visit.


One response to “Java and good conversation

  1. I think listening is indeed a lost art.
    I will often get in a conversation with another person, only to find that they desire to be dominant the entire time.
    How can you respond to that but listen?
    Anything you say is quickly rebutted for a thought about themselves.
    It is like the difference between being on the offense and defense the entire time.
    Yet we see that in the listening we learn the most.

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