Com’on God…

Sometimes I don’t like what God is up to…

Or, rather, I don’t like the way he goes about doing things cause it hurts too bad. I instinctively know that it is good, but I honestly don’t like the pain, discomfort and disruption it causes me.

I like seeing it happen to others — that actually gets me excited. Kinda like watching a movie where you know the good guy is going to win even though he’s getting the crap beaten out of him at the moment. I suppose that’s a somewhat sadistic, voyeuristic view of faith. I know they’ll move to new levels spiritually… and it doesn’t hurt me at all.

When I’m the object of God’s pot stirring, well, that’s not as much fun. I do like the end results; I just don’t like the cooking process.

One response to “Com’on God…

  1. that’s cool, just think, when you come out of it you will want it back. it’s like the worst thing in the world but the best.
    i think this stirring you are speaking of is God “pulling out the rug” underneath his people, creating a total dependency upon Himself.
    He is a jealous God.

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