How would you respond?

A patient today looked at me and asked: “What book would you have me read to change my life?”

Wow! I wasn’t expecting that one!

She is a Jesus follower, she believes in the power of the Spirit but is facing some dramatic life situations that are getting the best of her. She knows I read and have recommended books for her to read in the past, the last one being Batterson’s In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day (which she said rocked her world).

Funny thing is, I knew exactly what to recommend for her.

What would you have suggested? (and don’t answer, “the Bible”)


5 responses to “How would you respond?

  1. Here’s an excerpt from the book I wold recommend: “Every wise person is marked by the scars of perseverance. Perseverance is the fruit of faithfulness. All of us would love to find a shortcut to wisdom. Wisdom does not have to come slowly, but it does not come frivolously. Faithfulness accelerates wisdom.” Erwin Raphael McManus – Uprising: A Revolution of the Soul

  2. I love the book Divine Nobodies. I read it last year when I was going through some tough times. It helped open my eyes a lot.

  3. Good Night Moon?

  4. normal christian life

  5. The DIP by Seth Godin. I haven’t read it, but if you read my blog on Steven Furtick’s messages based on the book… man oh man. Changed my life. The book is next on my list.

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