Are you ever surprised at what people say you did to help them?

I am.

Today was one of those “huh?” type of days where I must have worn a big question mark plastered on my forehead. Still not feeling the best in the world — though the little gypsy man did finally leave — I went to the office to a very full day. I was greeted immediately by a friend who recently lost their spouse. They knew I “cared.” Customer two said I gave them “hope” when they’d given up on the idea of having any. Customer four cried because I’d cared enough to “figure out” their problem and offer suggestions that actually worked. Customer seven said I’d given them their life back.

It’s all just noise. I didn’t do any of those things.

I didn’t get up this morning to go help people.

I just want to please an audience of One. And I know I do a pretty lame job. But He seems to get a big enough kick out of it that he keeps throwing folks in my path. Everything else is just noise.


One response to “Noise

  1. I love it – a great perspective, and also a good reminder to thank those that make a difference in our day to remind them that Christ is working through them…


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