Watch out! Hole!

The potholes are returning!

In 2005-2006, the “interstate” highway to Ubaúna became one massive pothole 250 kilometers long. What should have taken a maximum of four hours would easily take six. We took to traveling another route that actually added 100 kilometers to the trip but allowed us to make the trip in five and a half hours instead of the torturous six.

In 2007, due to massive bad publicity, the Department of Transportation was shamed into undertaking an expensive and comprehensive repaving operation and turned the stretch into a very good 250 kilometers of road. Every trip in 2007 found us going lickity-split down BR-222, the refurbished interstate highway.

Having just completed a roundtrip, all I can say is… they’re baaaccck!

I personally became acquainted with three of them. I must be living right because each of the “meetings” of car and pothole should have blown the tires and destroyed the rims.

Other than groans by everyone in the car, we escaped without even a ding.



One response to “Watch out! Hole!

  1. Joe,
    Are you sure you are in Brazil, sounds like Pittsburgh, Pa.

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