Daisy Houston

“Pastor, can you help me?”

As we were having breakfast this morning, Ana, one of the church members, came in with her little girl, Daisy Houston, in her arms. She was concerned; Daisy Houston was quite lethargic.

“She’s had a horrible headache for two days and isn’t responding well.” I put my hand on her arm and it was hot, probably around 102 hot.

This isn’t something to joke around with in these parts. Dengue can be a problem, heat exhaustion can kill, and you cannot forget about the problem with the unsanitary water supply. Daisy Houston lives in less than a stellar neighborhood.

I heard the “Pastor, can you help me” expression multiple times during the last couple of days. Andréia told me that it isn’t unusual to have people standing downstairs and calling up to them at any hour of the day or night. When there is no medical care and someone is sick, most will turn to a spiritual healer for assistance. Áudrey has definitely stepped into that roll in Ubaúna.

Áudrey simply said, “Let’s pray for her.” He did; we did. Within seconds Daisy Houston said in that little girl voice, “it’s gone.” It wasn’t a statement of excitement, enthusiasm or even wonder. It as just a statement of fact — and she didn’t hurt any more.

I checked her about three minutes later and her skin temperature had returned to normal.

Just a typical day in Ubaúna.


2 responses to “Daisy Houston

  1. patrickandchristy

    Awesome!!! Awesome!!! Awesome!!! My soul never gets tired of hearing about Christ’s healing power.

  2. It just keeps rockin’ on…

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