Waking up

It’s really interesting to wake up in the mornings in Brasil in general, but in Ubaúna in particular. Remember, there is no glass on the windows and the homes are designed for ventilation, not central HVAC units.

The sounds begin early.

Between 2-3 a.m. the time-challenged roosters begin to crow… and they don’t stop.

Around 4:30 you begin to hear people walking in the street, talking (loudly), laughing, pushing carts or pulling wagons with donkeys, service trucks running back and forth. Construction work usually begins at this time – and there’s nothing more conducive to sleeping than 3-4 fellows outside your window pounding, beating, mixing concrete, shouting back and forth.

Don’t forget the incessant and voluminous motorcycles. You can hear them coming a mile away.

Birds. The birds really kick in as soon as the sound begins to lighten the sky, around 5:30ish, and it is amazing the volume they carry!

Neighbors. You hear everything they do, everything.

Around here there is no such thing as lazily coming away. It happens with intensity.


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