Naked Demoniac at the Farm House

How’s that for a title to grab your attention!

Unfortunately, it’s quite true.

The farm house we normally stay at in Ubaúna has a small pond with a few trees around it. It has been dry for months, but with some of the recent rain it has begun to accumulate water.

Recently, a young girl — known for her aberrant behavior and tagged as spiritually possessed — got pregnant and was thrown out of her home by her father. Having no where to go, she ended up at this pond and slung her hammock between two of the trees. She began to run around naked and has gone out to the main highway in that state of undress and enticed an unruly element to “visit” with her down at the pond. As my mother-in-law noted, “he has tatooes.”

She has gone from acting “odd” to “unruly.” “Like an animal,” is the term employed.

My uncle-in-law, who owns the farm, wants her gone. We’re supposed to go down and check on the situation.

We may run out of time to follow up on this one…


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