Tonight we attended the worship service at church.

The one word that I’d use to describe it is “remarkable.”

This was the first “real” worship service I’d been to since Andréia and Audrey moved to town. I was curious as to how it would go and what would be the atmosphere. I’ll admit… it exceeded anything I might have imagined.

The kids are incredible. They dance, they sing, they praise Jesus, they pray. The adults follow their lead and seem to feed off of their enthusiasm. There are now entire families who have become Christians because of their children falling in love with Jesus. Tonight they were holding hands and praying together, as families. Amazing.

At the end of service, six of the kids came into the building in a single file. They had made a Brasilian flag and an American flag. They had written a letter to GFB in general and to me in particular. The gist of the letter was “thank you for caring enough about us, nobodies, and pouring resources, time, your life and your heart into us just so we could find out about Jesus.” Talk about have to buck up and not turn into a quivering puddle of boohooing jello! Wow!

All I could think was “who would have ever thought this would be happening?”

I was asked to speak and I did, from my heart. The place was going wild with clapping, “amens” and even cheering. I blessed them and then they blessed Paul and myself. Wow!

Two mothers came forward and thrust their newborns into my arms and asked me to dedicate and bless them. I prayed that God would use these little bundles of new life to radically transform these families. Both mothers simply beamed.

As I hugged what seemed to be like 3,000 kids when the service was over, each one saying they were already missing me, that they loved me, and were asking God to bless me, the only thing I could think was, “thank you, Jesus, for letting me see this!”

One response to “Thankful

  1. patrickandchristy

    I wish you could hear how loudly my heart is laughing with pure excitment and joy! I can’t wait to witness it first hand.

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