Paul, the Disco Kid!

Saturday afternoon is the time of the kids’ worship in Ubaúna. This Saturday was especially interesting because the kids had planned a surprise birthday party for Andréia. Our part in the plan was to occupy Andréia somewhere else so the kids could decorate and set up.

It went off like a charm! Andréia was caught totally by surprise – it was great!

(As a side note, to watch the kids respond to Andréia is nothing less than miraculous. These are the same kids that gave us headaches year after year in our summer programs with them. Not only were they well behaved, they have become very expressive about their faith. Andréia has played a major role in this happening. Her interaction with them would be on the level of the Pied Piper… they followed her everywhere, obeyed her without question and loved on her non-stop. What better way to conquer the hearts of the unloved than to love them unconditionally!)

One of the fun things they do at every worship is dance and sing. They really get into it and this day was no different.

With one major exception…

Paul was right in the middle with them trying to match their steps and their moves. He towers 2-3 heads over them, and, lets not mention the age difference.

The kids went wild – they loved it!

It was sufficiently warm and humid, approximately 90+ degrees in the building. The dance moves were quite energetic and I was concerned the more mature Paul might break something or cause a major metabolic shut down. However, he did pant like a dog (and had a smell about him that was also reminiscent of a dog!). I do believe he enjoyed himself!

Paul also started a new ministry at the church here – a cake ministry.

People were standing on the outside observing all the activity and festivities. Paul started grabbing pieces of cake and taking it out to the onlookers, who thoroughly enjoyed the attention and the cake.

You might ask Paul to show you some of the new dance moves he picked up…


One response to “Paul, the Disco Kid!

  1. patrickandchristy

    Joe, even before the night that God “burdened” Audrey’s heart for the people of Ubauna, I observed Andreia singing and telling stories about God to the children one morning. My soul knew immediately that God had sent her to be an awesome influence on these children. She was phenomenal and the kids just looked at her in amazement. The photo I took of her with the flower in her hair, singing with the children is one of my favorites (I sent them a copy with you.)

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