Getting to play doctor

I thought I left my work back in the U.S. Eunice had a different idea.

Eunice is an abandoned, single mother with three children. One of the children has a problem, but no one knew what.

A doctor recently ordered some blood work on the little girl but no one was giving any interpretation of the lab work nor telling them what to do. Their poverty status wasn’t pushing them to the top of the list very quick. Eunice found out that I might know how to read the results and came looking for me to help her little girl.

The results? Anemia, allergies and hypoglycemic – not fun things for a little 4-year old to be dealing with.

I had the privilege of letting her know what was wrong and offering a simple, inexpensive manner to begin to deal with it and she was beaming from ear to ear.

I wish every day at the office gave that sort of satisfaction…


One response to “Getting to play doctor

  1. It does Joe! We just let our feelings get involved.

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