Áudrey and Andréia told us about what was happening to one of the kids we baptized in July. Jackson is almost 14. He is smart as a whip and this little fellow is absolutely in love with Jesus. He is always at every service, he helps with the younger kids, he can’t get enough of the Word, he’s telling everyone about what has happened to him and has become one of the youth leaders simply because of his growth in his faith in just a few months.

Andréia recounted how his stepfather makes charms and spiritual trinkets and has a little business where he sells them. These are imbedded with spiritual power of the macumba variety. Over the last couple of months his business has fallen off dramatically.

He blames Jackson.

That “stupid Jesus” he is following has “cursed” his business and people are learning they don’t need the trinkets to assess the power. And, since Jackson is always going there, and seems so enthusiastic about his new faith, it is obvious to anyone that Jackson is spreading this Jesus’ influence and therefore destroying his business.

Last week Jackson got an ultimatum from his stepfather by way of his mother: he was to choose between being her son, and therefore could continue to live in their house, or, he could choose to follow “that” Jesus and let him take care of him.

That would be tough for an adult; Jackson is yet 14.

Andréia said they tried to consol him and prayed with him. She said that he was distraught and couldn’t understand why this was happening. Her primary reason for telling us about Jackson was so we could begin to pray for him.

When the worship started last night, who did I see up front, dancing, singing, praising AND smiling?


Please be praying for this brave young warrior.


2 responses to “Jackson

  1. Such an awesome kid! This honestly brought tears to my eyes.

    Can you pack him up and bring him home with you? Then he can live with me.

  2. Ooohhh… you are going to be in so much trouble in July! If you thought they were sweet last year, you don’t have a chance of surviving it this year. To watch and hear the kids asking me if “Chifinie” is coming back in July made me think that you might need to carry a really big box of tissues!

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