After 36 hours, I’ve decided that certain things are grossly over-rated:

  • Sleep; I mean, come on! Think of all of it that you waste with your eyes closed.
  • Visas: to think that someone could get so worked up over not having one. Why, it all evaporates when you get it in your grimey little hands.
  • Traffic regulations. A free-for-all at 60 mph while blindfolded AND both hands doing anything but holding the steering wheel is fun, isn’t it Paul? Paul? Paul…
  • Showers. Showers are definitely NOT over-rated. After a lifetime on an airplane and walking in downtown Fortaleza on a humid, balmy 95+ degree day, showers do not make this list! Same is true of brushing teeth — I didn’t realize you could grow hair on your teeth!
  • Coffee. Lack of, especially the type served in the morning at our favorite little hotel in Fortaleza.

And, last, but certainly not least,

  • Throwing paper in the toilet. Anyone can do that! The adventure of using a small trash can to the side of the toilet, now that’s living!

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