It’s really neat when people are genuinely excited about seeing you.

The folks in Brasil are chomping at the bits for my arrival.

Áudrey and Andréia have promised Paul and I a “night out on the town” when we arrive in Ubaúna (that is actually a bit worrisome because I am intimately familiar with Ubaúna and there is nowhere in town where one might have a “night out”). Marclei, Valgledson, Allison and all the others at the Refuge Grace church in Fortaleza are throwing a banquet in our honor on the day we arrive (ok, so it’s not technically a “banquet” — they’re taking us to the food court at the mall).

Even the kind folks at the hotel that has become my home away from home in Fortaleza have noted that they are eager to see me again (I’m a big tipper… and they know that!).

Now if I can just calm my mother-in-law down because I’m not staying with her while I’m in Ubaúna on this trip…


2 responses to “Loved…

  1. I get to see you at least twice a week and I still get excited!

  2. patrickandchristy

    Hey, we better get a night out on the town and a banquet waiting for us this summer. Oh, and tell them I’d like them to lay out a red carpet and shower us with rose petals when we get off the plane in Fortaleza.

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