There has been an earthquate in Ubaúna measuring 4.0 on the Richter Scale.

earthquake2.jpgThe primary shock occured around 2:00 a.m. Friday night. There have been more than 100 after tremors that have occured since then until this morning (Saturday), most registering less than 2.0.

This picture, taken yesterday, shows people staying outside rather than go back in their houses. Quite a few people are on edge.

Talking with folks there this morning on the phone, there are walls cracked and ceiling slats broken. The tremors were strong enough that my mother-in-law said it caused her mouth to shake as though she was on an electric motor. Some families slept on the sidewalks and are saying that they will continue to sleep outside rather than risk have the roofs come down on them while sleeping should there be additional tremors.

Classes in the schools in the area have been canceled so people could use them as shelters.

According to a Civil Defense spokesman quoted on the national news, “The population is going to have to get used to this because the possibility of it [earthquake] happening again is great.”

Though it is in Portuguese, there is a video that came out on the local news with some footage of the aftereffects of the earthquake. Click here to see it.

Appears that quite a welcome is being prepared for our arrival there this week!


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