God stories

Ever had a God story created in your life?

God stories are times when God showed up in a big way and literally blew your socks off. God stories are defining moments that slingshot you to levels in your faith and in your comprehensive outlook on everything about you that you really had no clue existed previously. Once they’ve occurred, you are marked forever. Once they’ve occurred, the telling of them marks others.

Last night in our small group (“Drew, Drew, Drew!” That’s the fans going wild over our leader’s guidance), God stories were being swapped like little kids trading baseball cards. Intimacy is created over God stories; suddenly we were like life-long friends showing surgical scars and thrilling over each victory, each hilarious response, imaging the scenario and being drawn in to each story. It’s almost like eating a box of chocolates… once you start, you can hardly stop until you’ve eaten them all.

Not only is it contagious, it is faith enhancing. It is a form of worship, a retelling of the glories, the mysteries and the power of the God who calls himself El-Shaddai, the military commander of the hosts of the armies of heaven. You come away exhilarated.

You come away wanting more.

As we got in the car to head home, the wife and I were astounded when we looked at the clock — 11:54 p.m.!

How did that happen?

God stories.


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