Supper and a thought

Been doing lots of ruminating on the concept and practice of what we popularly call communion chavda-power-of-blood.jpgor the Lord’s Supper.

I just finished The Hidden Power of the Blood of Jesusby Mahesh Chavda. It’s a refreshing look and passionately written.

One thought/question that keeps chasing me, prior to reading it and even more tenaciously after reading it, is this: are we missing something very fundamental in our perception of what the “blood of Jesus” and the Supper are all about?

I think we may be dotting the “T’s” and crossing the “I’s;” at the very least we’re not assuming the full venue of power that is available to the Jesus follower.

As I noted in the title, I’m just thinking out loud…


One response to “Supper and a thought

  1. Joe
    Also check out The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee.
    I like his quote
    “The bloods deals with sins but the cross must deal with the sinner”

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