I must have been on something…


Just watched the WWAY-TV piece on Lifepoint. Either somebody was goading me with an electric cattle prod, I’d had way too much coffee, or I must be something this side of passionate at what’s going on in the Lifepoint environment.

What was with the eyebrows bouncing up and down?


10 responses to “I must have been on something…

  1. I thought you did great Joe!

  2. Thanks! You and hubby did a mighty fine job!

  3. Excellent representation, my friend! I cannot think of anyone I’d rather see speaking for our church than you and Steve Rassin!

  4. And they say that paying for flattery doesn’t stroke your ego…

  5. Dude, I thought what you said was awesome! It was better than Jeff’s “give them gas” comment he made the last time we were on the news.

    I’m not sure if you caught this, but the camera caught him saying, “I try to be like Jesus, but I don’t know….” Talk about out of context!

  6. I thought it was wierd how the camera was out of focus on Steve when he said, “The message is simple enough so I can understand it, but it’s FOCUSED enough that it makes sense to me.”

  7. Dave,

    Thanks for the compliment!

    I’m really rather envious of his infamous “give them gas” comment. I mean, I say stuff like that all the time (I’m always stuffing my foot in my mouth), but, to have it recorded for all to hear on television, well, that’s a tough act to follow…

  8. Mary,

    I noticed the same thing and wondered if it were being done on purpose.

  9. I just thought it was because I need glasses.

  10. patrickandchristy

    Hey, want to start a satellite Life Point church here in Savannah, Joe? Would be just what the doctor (God) ordered.

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