Cool things behind the scenes

Today had to rank as one of the best and most memorial days at Lifepoint. Here’s my perspective on some of the “behind the scenes” items that contributed to the red letter day:

  • We’ve got a pastor who sports a Beatles haircut…how cool is that!
  • We ran slap dab out of chairs and had to throw folks in the bleachers
  • I was thanked by several people for using a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t suck
  • I got to pray for and over one of the neatest people in the world
  • Where else can you have a sausage and egg biscuit and get to chase it with a Krispy Kreme doughnut?
  • We got a new video cable for the flat screen tv in the “cry room!” After fighting the old one for months, this is a big deal!
  • I got to overrule my wife! She works in hospitality; I work with ushers; she wanted to park one of the portable bins in front of a door; I got to say “move it!” but with lots of love.
  • Executive pastor and wife walking around with bread and juice, hunting down band members so they could take communion
  • Being short-handed in the usher department and having folks who’ve never done it jump in to fill the shortage
  • Seeing people who we invited who hate church show up… wow!
  • Watching members of my setup squad using amazing (and unusual) creativity to make the impossible happen (Kyle and Milo — you rock!)
  • Wanting to introduce guests to pastor Jeff (who was slammed by folks in the lobby) and having them say that they’d just rather talk with us instead (they said they’d have other chances to talk with him but may not have that chance with us)
  • The intensity of  the audio/visual crew was scary!
  • The pride of my usher team in the excellence of what they’re doing — Mike, Cody, Lisa, Eddie, Kyle, you warm the cockles of my heart! Sterling… you da man!
  • Dressing up the resources area up with an oriental-looking rug — the perfect touch
  • All the comments about my haircut 🙂

My heart is busting with pride because of my crews and the part they played in making today happen. Lifepoint, thanks for a great day!


2 responses to “Cool things behind the scenes

  1. Just following our leader… more ways than one! Thanks Joe!

  2. patrickandchristy

    Hey, want to start a satellite Life Point church here in Savannah, Joe? Would be just what the doctor (God) ordered.

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