Buried alive!

Ever been to a graveyard and seen hands and arms sticking up out of the graves?

If you’d been at Lifepoint this morning, you would have!

As a preface, many, many years ago, an old preacher made me baptize a 6’5″ fellow who weighed 250lbs four times because each time something stuck up out of the water — a hand, a foot, an arm. On the last dunk I dropped him completely, he went to the bottom of the baptisty and almost drowned. The preacher said that  it was a “good” baptism because nothing stuck out.

Can we say all say “legalism” together?

Baptism is symbolic; it is a “coming out” for our faith; it is a drawing a line in the sand statement, not a literal burial.

If it were, this morning would have been nothing short of a fiasco at Lifepoint! We had arms, hands, feet, fingers and whatnot flailing around, out of the “grave,” and in some cases sticking straight out.

But nobody was the least bit concerned. In fact, it simply added to the party atmosphere!

This was, without a doubt, the most fun baptism service I’ve ever experienced. Today, we partied like the angels do at these events.

It was a good day!


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