Children’s summer clothes needed…

In 10 days I’m heading to Ubaúna for short- and long-term planning sessions with Áudrey about the work in the region. One of the GFB board of directors, Paul Tyndall, is going down with me.

Áudrey sent me this note yesterday:

Can you bring some clothes with you that we can give away? There is a family here that is absolutely destitute (we keep finding more and more). The kids have nothing at all to wear. The church in Fortaleza sent some clothes and I’ve already given them to the family, but almost all of them were for adults, not kids. If you can bring at least a few clothes for the children, I would be so grateful.

First, I do have some clothes that have already been donated that Paul and I will be carrying. What I have is mostly for older children. What is needed is summer clothing for children in the 2-6 year old age such as shorts, t-shirts, underwear.

Second, I cannot take “tons” of clothing on this trip (I CAN take “tons” with the group going in July); I’m appealing for either washed or new pieces that would be enough for several days of changes for 4-5 kids. I’m looking for “unisex,” neither male nor female, clothing — it makes it much easier to meet the needs that way.

Finally, either drop these off at my office (803 S. College Rd) or give them to me at Lifepoint next Sunday.

As Áudrey said, “I will be so grateful!”


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