Daily Archives: February 21, 2008

Cause. Mission. Vision.

Just read some of Tony Morgan’s notes from the C3 conference in Dallas.

Brian Houston from Hillsong in Australia was the speaker of whom Tony was writing. He simply stated in his notes:

Cause. Mission. Vision.

I didn’t even hear the talk, but I sure like the innuendo…


Jesus plays second fiddle to the IRS

Jesus only did two in three years; the IRS did more than 23,000 in two years.

Resurrections, that is.

In a report that aired yesterday on Nashville, TN’s WMSV-TV, it was noted that the IRS is much more powerful than Jesus when it comes to resurrecting folks from the dead.

Aren’t you glad that we are ‘encouraged” to send them free-will offerings every year?

Ladder People

I’m vicariously attending the C3 conference down in Dallas. My Lifepoint pastor buds Jeff and Daryl are there soaking up the teaching and atmosphere.

Tony Morgan is giving a blow-by-blow commentary of the happenings there on his blog and Ed Young is currently speaking. One of the comments he (Ed Young) made is

Hang out with “ladder people”— people that lift you up and point you to God.

I like that!

I want to develop a band of bros around me who are rabid about being “ladder people.”