Obama wins!


We are so interested in the Obama-Hillary-McCain circus. Why? The future of our nation? If that were the reason, it would be worthwhile, but we all know that it has practically nothing to do with that.

We are interested in “the race” and the title intrigued us.

What if the title of this post was “Chinese Women Detained and Treated Indecently by Police?” Would it have garnered as many clicks.

On February 2, two Christian women, Meng Xiu Lan and Zhou Cheng Xiu, were detained by police in Jun Tun County, Yunan Province, after they were found distributing Christmas cards. According to China Aid Association (CAA), the two women, aged 55 and 53 respectively, were “threatened, mocked, stripped and frisked violently.” CAA added, “Police then handcuffed the two women and escorted them back to their homes. After searching the homes, police illegally confiscated CDs, handouts, Bibles, song books and calendars, without proper documentation.” —Voice of the Martyrs

While this is “news,” it doesn’t merit our interest. What a shame…


One response to “Obama wins!

  1. The national news media outlets are whores. Wow! Did I say that? Oh well…..the national news media outlets are whores.

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