Computer appeal

Anyone have a relatively new laptop computer available?

We have an urgent need of one for the work in Ubaúna within two weeks. We can furnish a tax deductible letter.

[We actually need two laptops and they can be PC or Mac]


8 responses to “Computer appeal

  1. whats the need 4?

  2. The computer that was being used is having serious problems and we are unable to consistently use it for communications. It was quite old and did not fare well in Audrey’s move in September.

    Additionally, we are trying to start a school for both the kids and adults and need a dedicated computer that can be used exclusively for that.

    We need laptops because we cannot carry in desktop machines in our luggage. Laptops are also more useful because of their portability.

  3. Well Joe, for the advancement of the Kingdom of God I would be more then willing to send you mine.

  4. OK……JJ, why aren’t you running for President? I’d vote for you in a mili-second! DANG! I love this kid!

  5. Último! Que bom! Any way I can get it by next weekend?

    And I don’t care what Eddie has told me about you behind your back, I don’t believe any of it! 🙂

  6. Sure man…Ill figure out someway lol

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