Don’t fight for what doesn’t exist

Sunday at Lifepoint we had a visitor. With a camera. And a microphone, the clip on kind, like a tie clasp.wway3.jpg

He was a reporter from channel 3.

Somebody brought him to me and said, pointing at me, “He’s your man!”

Said reporter promptly handed me the tie clasp, unrolled the cord, attached it to said camera and announced, look at me, not the camera! With that he proceeded to fire questions at me.

One of the first was, how old are you? (do I look THAT old?), quickly followed (with what seemed like a bit of incredulity) by, what are you doing here with all these kids with the rock and roll band?

What I began to tell him was, in essence, was, Never go to war when there are no spoils.

Through his questions and my answers I described a scenario where it makes no sense to fight for something — in this case, a church that breaks from the traditional way of doing church in order to reach the unchurched and dechurched — if it’s not worth it. If there are no spoils to be won, why bother going to war in the first place? If that means abandoning that which is considered to be the status quo, do it… if the booty merits it.

And it does.

The intensity of the pursuit of the kingdom of the heavenly realms merits everything.

Even hanging out with “kids” and their rock and roll bands going all out for Jesus.


3 responses to “Don’t fight for what doesn’t exist

  1. “if the booty merits it”
    -great line


  2. Why, thank you very much. I tax the gray matter to the max to pull those out.

  3. Seize the booty!

    Ephesians 4:7 (MSG)

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