What’s going on here?

I’m astounded at the response I’m getting on my request for prayer for Henrique, the fellow in Brasil who is about to undergo a life-threatening surgery to have a limb removed because of diabetes.

I’ve got folks I’ve not heard from for months, and even years, who are emailing me back.

Here was my original request:

I just received an urgent request for prayer for a Brasilian brother who worked with me in Brasil many years ago.

Please pray for Henrique…  His diabetes and associated problems have come back and he likely will have to amputate part or all of his right foot, and possibly more.  One toe on his left foot also is showing signs of gangrene.  The doctors said that, because of other problems, he is a great risk for complications during the surgery, both heart failure and/or other organs, especially his kidneys.  We do not know exactly when the surgery will be.

I have relied on you previously and have seen miraculous things occur and I fully expect to see the same occur again.

Thank you for caring and praying.

Would you join us?


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