Simultaneously reading through Acts and John these days. Interesting questions come to mind:

• Why is the American church at large not like the church you find in Acts?
• Where’s the power?
• Where’s the persecution? Why doesn’t society see us as a threat?
• I didn’t know Paul had a sister!
• Do I really believe what Jesus says in John? If so, where’s the beef?
• What do I do with John 14:12-14?
• Etc., etc., etc…

Lots of questions, lots of lightbulbs going off in my little head. I’m continually hearing “hmmmm…..” and realize it is me 🙂


One response to “Readings

  1. Well i see the American church as the Jesus describes the vineyard in John. It looks lushes and ripe on the outside but on the inside its dead. Not to say all of the American church is like this but most are. We have lost the insight to what it truly means to suffer and “take up our cross”. Yet, we see the Lord move in countries where they could be killed for blogging or even reading the Word of God. The Church needs to wake up and realize what is at stake, not numbers or money but the souls of men and women not only overseas but here in our own country.

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